14 days/ 13 nights     Georgia+Armenia+Turkey  


Greet the tourist in the airport by guide and driver. Transfer to hotel and rest.

First day:   Baku City Tour

Today we have a Baku city tour. Tour starts at 10:00 am. We will see amazing places of Baku and after we will have shopping tour on Nizami street. The street runs through the city’s downtown and is home to various outlets, from banks to fashion stores. Tour will end around 7pm and transfer back to hotel and rest.

baku baku baku1 baku3

Overnight in Baku.


Second day:  Absheron city tour & night tour of Baku

After breakfast in the hotel we will have check out and start tour. Today we will visit Absheron District was founded in 1963 by the Soviet government to assure enough labour force, highly educated professional staff and necessary provisions is given to enterprises and firms, kolkhozs and collective farms, poultry and agrarian industries, construction centres and etc. After tour in Absheron we will come back to Baku and have a night tour there.

abshenon absheron baku (1) baku night

Overnight in Baku.



Third day:  Gabala City tour

After breakfast in the hotel, we will make a check out and start Gabala city tour. A historic city in Azerbaijan, which was functional since 4th century B.C. , according to archaeological excavations.  In the evening we will go to Baku, check in the hotel and rest.

gabala gabalaa gabala_1 Gabala-azerbaijan

Overnight in Gabala.



Fourth day:  Gence city tour

After breakfast at the hotel, check out and have Gence city tour. After tour we will start road to the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan. We will cross the border and meet Georgian guide and driver on the other side. We will go to Georgia’s capital Tbilisi and check in the hotel.

gence gence1 d47816725dce Gence3

Overnight in Tbilisi.



Fifth day:  Tbilisi city tour

Today we will start exploring amazing country Georgia. Tour starts at 10:00 am. Today we will visit the following places:

  • Botanical garden
  • Cableway
  • Narikala Fortress
  • Abanotubani
  • Mother of Georgia Monument
  • Holy Trinity Church (Sameba Cathedral Church)

Rest in the afternoon. In the evening:

  • Rustaveli street
  • Freedom square
  • Shardeni street
  • Bridge of Peace

tbilisi tbilisi-aiutumn region-tbilisi-night tbilisi

Overnight in Tbilisi.



Sixth day:     Kazbeghi tour

After breakfast driver and guide meets with the tourists at the hotel and starts the tour. We will visit the following places:

  • Zhinvali Dam
  • Ananuri castle
  • Balcony of Friendship
  • Red-Rock Travertine
  • Gudauri Ski Resort
  • Kazbeghi

cebp9ceusaaaoux kazbeghi friendship gudauri

Overnight in Tbilisi.



Seventh day:   Uplistsikhe Caves & Gori city tour & Mtskheta city tour

Tour starts at 10:00 am, driver and guide meets with the tourists at their hotel. Today’s tour includes the following places:

  • Uplistikhe Caves
  • Gori fortress
  • Cathedral church of Gori
  • Jvari Monastery
  • Svetitskhoveli Monastery
  • Samtavro Monastery
  • Bebris Fortress (the elder’s fortress)

uplisziche111 gori-fortress mtskheta-wi_easy-resize-com mtskheta-bebris tsikhe1

After tour we will go to second largest city of Georgia, called Kutaisi and overnight there.



Eighth day:  Kutaisi City Tour

In the morning we will have check out from the hotel and come back to Tbilisi. On the way we will visit Kutaisi city and see the following places:

  • Prometheus Caves
  • Gelati Monastery
  • Bagrati Cathedral
  • Batumi

promee4 gelatii promete1_easy-resize-com bagrati

After tour we will go to Batumi. We will be there around 8-9 pm. We’ll check in the hotel and rest. Overnight in Batumi.




Ninth day:  Batumi City Tour

Tour starts 9-10 am (tourists can arrange with driver and guide). We visit the following places:

  • Botanical Garden
  • Dolphinarium
  • Batumi Boulevard
  • Europe square
  • Monument Ali and Nino
  • Argo Cable Car
  • Piazza square
  • Alphabetic tower
  • 6 May park
  • Astronomical clock

panoramic_view_of_batumi_at_night 5-ali-and-nino-moving-sculptures-in-batumi-source-posztos-shutterstockcom batum 1432916201_batumi

In the afternoon we will have rest for couple of hours and in the evening we will continue the tour. Overnight in Batumi.



Tenth day:    Batumi Surroundings

Today we will spend time in the nature. Also we will visit museum, where you can see in miniatures how people lived in Georgia for years.

  • Ethnographic museum “Borjgalo”
  • Makhuntseti Waterfall
  • Bridge of Queen Tamar
  • Gonio fortress
  • Sarpi Border

gonio_castle tamari bridge borjgalo sarpi

In the evening after tour we will cross the border and enter Turkey. Transfer to hotel in Trabzon and rest.



Eleventh day:  Trabzon city tour

After the breakfast at the hotel, we set off by our vehicle at the specified time. Our first stop is Ortahisar neighborhood and Kanuni House where the best sultans of Ottoman Ompire, one of the greatest empires of history, grew up. Then, we visit Atatürk’s Mansion located among the pine trees. After completing our visit, we visit the Hagia Sophia museum, one of the world’s leading monuments in terms of art and architecture. We move off to Lake Sera where you will find quietness and peace inside the nature with the magnificent greenery of the Black Sea in Akçaabat district of Trabzon and take a break here. We complete our tour after visiting Boztepe, which is located above the city and where you can see all the beauties of at a single glance.

trabzon trabzon Boztepe  trabzon ataturk-kosku-ziyaretci-akinina-ugruyor trabzon

Overnight in Trabzon.



Twelfth day:   Ayder tour

After the breakfast at the hotel, we set off by our vehicle at the specified time. The first stop of our tour is Sürmene Knife sales store where famous Sürmene knives are sold. After a break, we visit production and sales store of Rize cloths, the second stop of the tour. After seeing how Rize cloths are produced at site, we head towards Ayder highland. After our visit to raffting center on our way, we continue our tour with the waterfalls located in Ayder. After our arrival to Ayder, we give free time to our guests for lunch and sightseeing. We start our return trip after the free time. After taking a break on the old Ottoman stone bridge on our way, we return to Trabzon. We complete our tour leaving you, valued guests, to your hotel.

ayder ayder1 ayder_plateau Ayeder Ottoman-bridge-over-firtina-valley

Overnight in Trabzon.



Thirteenth day:  Uzungol city tour

After the breakfast at the hotel, we set off by our vehicle at the specified time. We go to the famous Sürmene Knife Store, the first stop of our tour. After visiting Sürmene, we take a short break to taste the unique herbal teas of the Black Sea. We go to the Uzungöl waterfall area after the break and take photos of the natural beauties. We give free time for lunch at our facility next to the lake and sightseeing. After the free time, we set off to return to Trabzon. We take a break on the wooden bridge on the way back and we return to our hotel after the break.

uzungol uzungol uzungol sürmene-turkey-0 uzungol-turu-5

Overnight in Trabzon.



Fourteenth day:  departure

Transfer to Trabzon airport at scheduled time and flight back.



Guide of Georgia wishes you happy Holiday!

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