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Hello, I am Eka Goshua. I am from Samegrelo, Georgia and live in Tbilisi. (The capital city of Georgia). I am a student and studying at Ilia State University, in Business faculty, It’s my third year and my major profession is Banking and Finances. I speak in English and a little in German language. In school years I was very active, getting good grades, participated into a lot kind of projects, I was always interested in History and of course I always loved foreign languages. That is why, I am here today and I am learning German language with English.

What about being guide? – I am very sociable, friendly and communicative person, of course I love history, geography, nature and people, so, these are main reasons for me. I decided to be a guide, tried my best and make my tourists trips better. I have visited most of places in Georgia many times, but every time I explore new, amazing and interesting things in the same places. So, I can give you guaranty that, your tours will be unforgettable, full of interesting stories, places and memories. They will be funny, extreme and pleasant. I am waiting for you with big pleasure.


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