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Hello, I’m Zhiko, professional English speaking tour guide. Here is my little biography: I’m 22 years old, living in Tbilisi. I graduated from Tbilisi State University faculty of law. Now I’m continuing my study at masters degree. I pursued a career in law but after feeling the joy of traveling i finally decided to value my travelling experience as my work. my hobbies are : sports ( especially football, basketball and tennis), literature, philosophy and music ( especially soft rock and jazz),that means you will experience good music while travelling by car 🙂  Being an avid reader in literature, history and arts, I enjoy the artistic and historic side of Georgia and share my passion of this country with my guests. You will get a lot of information from me that isn’t written in google! ( I may call myself as Georgia’s private google-man) and what to tell about my behavior? I’m just an easy going guy who loves having good time with new friends and enjoys every minute of fun. So, last thing i want to refer is that all you need is just to come and get extreme funny and interesting adventures you wont forget in your long life. Wish you success and looking forward to meet you in Georgia! Let’s have some good days and create best memories together!



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