How to get in Georgia? Here are the options:

By Flights:  The main airport of Tbilisi i.e. Tbilisi International Airport is located 11 miles from the city center and it connects Georgia to the rest of the world via direct or connecting flights.

Kutaisi International Airport connects European countries to Georgia with cheap flights.

Batumi International Airport is popular among people, who are planning vacation on Balck Sea coast.

Buses: Didube bus station, Samgori bus station, and Ortachala bus station are the three main bus stations of Tbilisi. Travelers to Georgia can find regular buses operating to and fro from Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. You also have an option of taking a marshrutka (mini bus) to Tbilisi.

Cars: Barring a few stringent rules about driving and carrying all important documents, driving to Georgia isn’t much of a problem.

Trains: Regular trains ply from Azerbaijan and Armenia, which stop at various places on the route and the journey comes to an end at the Tbilisi railway station.

Boat: If you are at Poti (Odessa), you can take a ferry to reach Tbilisi, Georgia. The Poti-Tbilisi trip takes about 6 hours.

Getting Around in Georgia – Metro, Marshrutka (minibuses), and buses are the chief mode of transport within Georgia.