Ekaterine Jikidze




My name is Ekaterine Jikidze, and I am General Manager of inbound tour company “Guide of Georgia”.

After working in different fields finally I found my inspiration, a job to love! Planning a trip for customer, showing my beautiful country, watching them fall in love with Georgia-that’s a dream of every travel agent! I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. I have had a variety of customer service opportunities, through which I was able to have increased repeat customers. I’m very happy, that I am taking a little part in promoting and showing tourists amazing country Georgia.

David Tskhvedadze



Hello! My name is David Tskhvedadze and I am the Financial Manager of “Guide of Georgia” LLC.

The job is challenging but rewarding. There are a number of responsibilities that I am tasked with when keeping the company’s financial affairs in order.  Every individual or organisation wants to work towards innovation and find new ways to do a task to make life easy, fast or cheaper for humans on earth. So it becomes a job responsibility or duty of every employee in an organisation including a finance manager to motivate himself or herself and his or her team towards innovation and creativity by introducing new techniques to perform a task they do. 

Tamta Gaprindashvili



Hello! 🙂
My name is Tamta. I am 28 years old.And I am English speaking tour guide.After graduation from Ilia state University, Faculty of Tourizm in 2012 I started to work in ‘Guide of Georgia’.
The main reason why I love my job is that traveling is my hobby.
Also I love meeting with different people,  its great pleasure for me to show you my amazing country and tell you about it’s ancient history and interesting culture and traditions.
Tours with me are very interesting. I am very funny and easy going, you will be convinced in it 😉

I am  waiting for you in Georgia! 🙂

Ika Tskhvedadze



I am a Georgian who has lived and worked in this historic country all my life. I’m proud to be Georgian and can’t wait to show you my amazing country.

I have been described as a friendly, sincere, patient and energetic person, and I passionately enjoy sharing  my love for Georgia, which grows everyday! The best part of being a tour guide with “Guide of Georgia” tours is that every day is a holiday. I am able to make new friends day after day. The more I share, the more I learn and it never feels like work!

If you chose to travel with me as your guide, you will feel the love and passion that I have for my country. I will share a plethora of fun facts and fascinating anecdotes that make up the amazing cultural and historical backdrop of Singapore!

Looking forward to see you in Georgia!

Saba Tsertsvadze



Hello, I am Saba Tsertsvadze 23 years old and i love people! I graduated from Tbilisi State University with a bachelor’s degree in law and now i am continuing my study at masters degree in criminal law.

I like my profession, but still think, that meeting new people and exploring new places are things, every person truly needs. that’s why i started working as a professional English speaking tour guide/driver.

I will help you to explore whole Georgia. Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind. So if you like old historical monuments and Beautiful sights of nature, you shouldn’t miss opportunity to visit Georgia and i will be the person, who will share all of the experience with you.

P.S. Don’t forget to create music playlist in your phone, i can’t drive without listening music. 🙂

Solo Gonashvili




My name is Solo and I will be your private driver during your trip in Georgia.

I have a big responsibility, but I enjoy driving very much. A good driver has to have a skill to focus on the road and switch off all distractions. You always need to be conscious that you are responsible for the most important thing in the world – human lives. You need to be able to predict situations, to avoid all risks and assure safety. You need to be comfortable at dealing with unexpected situations. It is crucial to have good judgment and to react promptly to whatever the road brings.

I find my job rewarding in so many ways, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Looking forward to see you in Georgia!

Dato Chanturia





My name is Dato. I am working with ‘Guide of Georgia’ as a driver.

I love my job,it’s very interesting and enriching.

Georgia is amazing country,full of beautiful nature and historical places. And you will never forget your trip here. It’s my pleasure to be a part of your unforgettable journey.

I promise you safe, interesting and fun tours with me.

Eka Goshua



Hello, I am  Eka Goshua. I am 21 and doing my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Being a guide is one of the most interesting things for me because I love meeting new people, sharing my experience and knowledge about Georgia. It is a great way to introduce your country to people from diverse countries. It is a great pleasure for me to work with them, experience and explore the treasure of Georgia again and again, to make people laugh, give interesting information and detail about every corner of the country.

“Guide of Georgia” is the company, where I have actually started growing myself as a person and as a guide because, in the company, you feel like you are in the family and out of the company, you are the person who popularizes her country and shows the best of it.

Zhiko Khujadze




My name is Zhiko Khujadze. Im studying on my master’s degree of public law at Tbilisi state university but i’m not boring as other lawyers. I’ve been working in Guide of Georgia for more than one year and I can surely say that I got really cool memories and a lot knowledge about the life and people. The main reason to entry this field is the great interest in different cultures and my wish to help myself and others in discovering the most amazing place in the world that is called Georgia.

I don’t need to talk about Georgia’s greatness cause google can give you information about the culture, food and wine, sun and beach, winter resorts and mountains, night life and entertainment. I’m just a man who owns lots of interesting, mysterious and funny stories that google doesn’t.

Me and my country will just blow your mind and eventually you will get the experience, emotions and feelings that will last with you the whole life and maybe more. Good luck and waiting for you in Georgia! I know you are too brave to have a trip with me!

Zura Nadirashvili



I am zura nadirashvili 24 years old. I am studying law at Tbilisi state university and I am tour guide also, it is some like hobby for me, because I like traveling all over the country.

I know two languages: English and Russian. I like my homeland’s history because it has so long history, and my job is connected telling historical facts about everything in our country. I also enjoy communication with people very much and it helps me to do my job well. I advise people to come in Georgia and have fun with our tours 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪