Tbilisi’s nightlife is inspiring garnering frequent comments by the international press. Recently a “Guardian” article encouraged many Georgians and foreigners to discover Tbilisi’s clubbing paradise.  As most clubs open at midnight, many people often go out for some “pregame” drinks.


There are plenty of pubs in Georgia where you can get a drink. Visitors can try the white wine that is made by fermenting the grape on the grape skin, a process only used for red wine in the West. Vodka and spirits are common everywhere, and the national drink of Georgia is called chacha. Unsurprisingly, chacha is very popular with the locals, while Kazbegi and Argo are some of the dominant beers on the market. There are pubs in the center of almost every major city in the country.


Apart from beautiful landscapes, ancient culture, wine and landmarks, Georgia is also famous for its nightlife and clubbing culture in Eastern Europe. Many visitors who are eager to explore Tbilisi’s nightlife look for places where they both can have fun and see how Georgians party. So here we offer to you the list of top clubs in Tbilisi where one can enjoy Tbilisi night life and rave till the morning to the quality electronic music of different genres. It is noteworthy, that these clubs offer stage to both popular and less known Georgian djs as well as organize awesome events and host world-recognized musicians from all over the world.